Virginia Plain

70s Greatest Hits, 70s Music, 70s Music All Stars2015年8月25日

Virginia Plain - 70s Greatest Hits/70s Music/70s Music All Stars

Make me a deal and make it straight


All signed and sealed I'll take it


To Robert E Lee I'll show it


I hope and pray he don't blow it 'cause


We've been around a long time

Just tryin' to tryin' to tryin' to

Make the big time


Take me on a roller coaster


Take me for an airplane ride


Take me for a six day wonder but don't you

Don't you throw my pride aside besides


What's real and make believe


Baby Jane's in Acapulco

We are flyin' down to Rio


Throw me a line I'm sinking fast


Clutching at straws can't make it


Havana sound were trying


Hard edge the hipster jiving


Last picture shows down the drive-in


You're so sheer you're so chic

Teenage rebel of the week


Flavors of the mountain streamline


Midnight blue casino floors


Dance the Cha-cha through till sunrise


Opens up exclusive doors oh wow

Just like flamingos look the same


So me and you just we two

Got to search for something new


Far beyond the pale horizon


Some place near the desert strand


Where my Studebaker takes me


That's where I'll make my stand but wait

Can't you see that Holzer mane


What's her name Virginia Plain