Anticipation Blues

Tennessee Ernie Ford, Kay Starr, Eddie Kirk2012年3月13日

Anticipation Blues - Tennessee Ernie Ford/Kay Starr/Eddie Kirk

She just got home from the doctor's


I just got home from the mill


She looked a little peaked

Her eyes were kind-a streaked

I couldn't figure out what made her ill


She looked a little weepish

Smiled kinda sheepish

The answer hit me like a hickory mall


I throwed my dinner bucket down

Yelled like my trailin' hound

I was gonna be a daddy after all

Now the waitin'




I'm gonna be a daddy now

Well the weeks went by kinda sweetly

Then all at once

I thought she'd lost her mind

She would rant she would rave

For the things she would crave

Like ice cream and sauerkraut combined


She wanted watermelon it was wintertime

Dill pickles set around the house in jars


How she'd eat that stuff

She never seemed to get enough

And at 3am she'd want candy bars

Now the waitin'



I'm gonna be a daddy now

Well at last the time was drawin' near


I began to walk and pace and sweat


The doctor said: now son

I know this ain't no fun

But we ain't never lost a daddy yet


I stood up and set down

I even though of leavin' town

The doctor and nurse came out all grins

They said: Buck up

My boy you should shout with joy

You're the daddy of a pair of bouncin' twins

No more waitin anticipatin' anticipatin'



I'm a daddy now