The Truth (Explicit Album Version)

DJ Kay Slay, LL Cool J2004年6月3日



The Truth (Explicit Album Version) - DJ Kay Slay/LL Cool J

Uhh yeah


See this is what these mix tapes is all about


Knah'msayin KaySlay


Talk to the people


With no interruptions and interference


Put that mic down admire the technique

And tight tight sounds

Of a Renegade never been afraid

The time is right now

Before I take my bow and finally allow

My love affair with rap to fade

I'll sink into the page

Pleasure and the pain that came

From rulin' the game

And the half Dominican

That gave me brains in the fast lane

A seventeen year reign simple and plain

When I ruled the rap game

And all my peers sold coc*ine

One three two uptown

When Rich Porter told me

"See you can push a new car

It's different for a rap star"

And AZ was givin' 50's to the homeless

They never bragged about it "L

We don't condone this"

On the back of the bike with Alpo

Doin' a buck down one two five

Hopin' to stay alive

Favorite spot rooftop

Me and Big chuckle up

When he was hittin' up "Juicy" and whatnot

Damn when Dapper Dan got shot up

Before they made drops

When we had to cut the top up

Some cats neglected the fact that L was hot

'Cause they warm and electin' me hot

When I stepped in the spot

Lyrically reppin' the block on farmers to rock

But my sex symbol status made me corny to cop

The microphone strategist ripped the apparatus

Left competition embarrassed but I never held malice

Kinda saw street literature


Used to lose battles on purpose

So these cats can dream more

I wanna see y'all shine without the use of a nine

You might see a ni**a I see a black Einstein

A diamond in the rough he's remidin' me as tough

Young girls takin' X she's blinded by the stuff

Oh my God where did we go wrong

Are you doin' what you're doin'

'Cause I ruined you with songs

God forgive me

I never knew my power to devour the demons

Y'all know the Devil be schemin'

It's a manifestation of the pain of a nation

That makes materialism the only thing we're chasin'

The real gangstas never talked to me tough

Never told me they was hard

Or claimed to be my God

When I first found the courage

To bounce up outta Queens

And saw Big Dave comin' up out

The store with money machines


My only dream was to rock mics in the spotlight

Joint bumpin' on Marley show all night

Whoever thought that I would be a movie star

A rap icon chokin' the game like a python

Russell turned the hype on exploded like a pipe bomb

Just because a young boy turned the mic on

Still admire skills and cats that are ill

With lyrikills nowadays the chorus is payin' the bill

The black man found a way outta the hood

Now it's slaves to eat beef meal

Mayor's not all good

Don't let 'em take our music and plagiarize the game

Then you call up

And request it and pretend it's really flames


The tip of the iceberg I'll hold my piece

In the meantime live smart watch out for the beast

Lyrical Picasso flow masterpiece

Like Michaelangelo or Rembrandt you know

Si palare poco Italiano

LL bravisimo grazie prego


Masters mejor siempre mi amigo


Pero music is muy muy duro

To sabe que to quieres es no problema

Te quiero mucho yo comprendo your dilemma


Summer's comin it won't always be winter

I pray to God He forgives me I'm a sinner

That's a little message

All the brothers and sisters out there

Y'all be strong

Keep your dreams flowin' baby

KaySlay I'm out for presidents to represent me

But I wanna get 'em the right way y'know