Wagoner's Lad

Joan Baez2013年1月14日


Oh hard is the fortune of all woman kind


She's always controlled she's always confined


Controlled by her parents untill she's a wife


A slave to her husband the rest of her life


Oh I'm just a poor girl my fortune is sad


I've always been courted by the wagoner's lad


He's courted me daily by night and by day


But now he is packing and moving away


Oh My parents don't like him

Because he is poor


They say he's not worthy of entering my door


He works for a living his money's his own


And if they don't like it

They can leave him alone


Oh Your horses are hungry

Go feed them some hay


Then sit down beside me as long as you may


My horses ain't hungry they won't eat your hay


Then fare thee well darlin i'll be on my way


Oh your wagon needs greasing your whip is

To mend


Then sit down beside me as long as you can


My wagon is greasy my whip's in my hand


Then fare thee well darlin no longer to stand


Wagoner's Lad - Joan Baez