Two of a Kind

Bobby Darin, Johnny Mercer, Billy May & His Orchestra2007年10月30日



Two of a Kind (同一類) - Bobby Darin/Johnny Mercer/Billy May & His Orchestra

Two of a kind

For your information we're two of a kind

Two of a kind

It's my observation we're two of a kind

Just like peas in a pod

And birds of a feather

Alone or together you'll find

That we are two of a kind

What's so wrong thinkin' life is a song

And reachin' for a star

And who's to say if we'll go the

Whole way - at least we got this far

Sharin' our lot our vittles and viands

We're two of an ilk

Say what if we've got rare Chateaubriands or

Crackers and milk

Makin' it plain

Explainin' it fully

We're simila-la-larly inclined

Because we're two of a kind

Two of a kind

When he's out of rhythm I'm singin' off key

(I never heard ya do that John)

Say never you mind

Cause I'm stickin' with 'im to C above C

(He's-a for me)

Oh need we explain

When he warbles sweetly

I'm flat and completely behind

Because we're two of a kind

I get kicks when I meet the cute chicks

Who hang around this lad

And especially when they whisper to me

"Hey honey who's your dad "

Two of a sort

Like two pomegranates from off the same tree

I'm with ya sport whatever you plan

It's-a goes double with me

(It's-a goes double with you huh ) (Yeah )

Yeah I got a terrible thought

Most frightfully upsetting

And yet we are getting resigned

To being two of a kind

We're two of a kind

We like workin' single

Or workin' in twos

Keep us in mind give us a jingle

We've got taps on our shoes

(We'll dance )

We're both of us like the Tower of Pisa

I'm-a lean-a like he's-a inclined

Because we're two of a kind

Because we're

Two of a kind