Only Friends

Matt Monro2013年10月21日


Only Friends (唯一的朋友) - Matt Monro

Time Only time can

Erase the memory of our love

And all those dreams

That won`t come true

For yesterday I walked the streets

Today I wander disbelief

From the memory of losing you


Yesterday when we were young

Our love was new and we had fun


Playing games and wondering what to do


Now yesterday is gone from me

And all I have of our memories of loving

And then somehow losing you


Sometimes I let my mind drift endlessly

And in the winter face I see

Smilingly and jumpily as it truned to pass


But the love that I once had for you

Is gone and so is the meaning too


I guessed it really never

Had a chance to last


And if you remember someday you

See me running through your memory

Don`t be afraid to

Turn and look my way


Coz` I`ll be there

For just a while to catch

The sunshine of your smile


To last me for another day


And if some day some new love

Asks about your loves about your past

Please telling you and

I were only friends


You and I were only friends