21 Savage2018年12月21日

asmr (Explicit) - 21 Savage

Lyrics by:Shayaa Joseph/Leland Wayne/Ahmar Bailey

Composed by:Shayaa Joseph/Leland Wayne/Ahmar Bailey

Y'all know what's goin' on

21 Gang 'til I'm gone

4L Gang 'til I'm gone

Trust you I'm gon'

Roll the window down

Stick the glock out

Stick the glock out

This chopper got a amp

I'ma rock out I'ma rock out

When it's time for smoke

They gon' cop out they gon' cop out

This AK 47 made in Moscow

Made in Moscow

All these dead bodies got me seein'

Strange things straight up

Both sides of the gun

I done dealt and felt the pain

On God

Drive by nah we the walk-up gang 21

I come from the 6 where they chalk up lames

On God

Slide in and out out

Spend the night

I doubt doubt

Gold grill mouth mouth

I come from the south south

We was stealin' cars

You was inside the house p***y

I know he gon' be a rat one day

Right now we call him a mouse 21

I got lots of stripes all my n***as shyst

You can roll the dice you might lose your life

Keep my Desert Eagle on me he not nothin' nice

I just need one glock nas need one mic lil' b***h

I done did a lot in the streets and them facts 21

PTSD like I came from Iraq

On God

You made it from the gutter

Then I'm tippin' my hat

I am

Don't go big on me

You might get hit with this MAC


I don't need no holster

You get burned like toaster 21

I don't drink no liquor

But I'm smokin' on mimosa


We been gettin' that Jewish money

Everything is Kosher

On God

Bought myself a 'Ventador and bought my b***h a roadster

Straight up

Drive my Lambo to the store

I'ma wave with my doors

I'm on glenwood not the ave

N***a the road 21

Talkin' on the pillow n***a

That s**t for the hoes

Straight up

I'd never snitch on my enemies or my bros never

I'm so 21 dawg

I'm so SG yeah

I'm so 4L gang

I keep a glock not a XD 21

Head so good she not even white

I still call her becky

Yeah yeah

Richard mille cost so much

I could push a button and see next week

Straight up

Straight up

30 on the glizzy

Got my pants dizzy

Pants dizzy

Playin' 'round with savage

You get shot in the kidney

Shot in the kidney

So many drums he gon' think a band hit him ha

Chopper clapped his a*s

He thought a hand hit him ha

I do the bloc boy JB on a brick

Skrrt skrrt

Make your crew do the Electric Slide with this stick

Straight up

She don't get no new chanel

She gon' throw a fit

Straight up

I wanna buy that girl the world

The way she suck this dick

Fronted me some bags

I ran out the same night d**n

When I was in jail

On my momma

I ain't kite d**n

N***as know I'm solid

I shoot and I fight

Straight up

You just wear Adidas

But in real life

I got stripes 21

I got lots of stripes

All my n***as shyst

You can roll the dice

You might lose your life

Keep my Desert Eagle on me

He not nothin' nice

I just need one glock

Nas need one mic

My brother down the road

They tried to give him life

He swear he so creative

Turned a toothbrush to a knife

Savage got your wifey playin' with herself on skype

She thought the AC was on

It was just my ice

We pull up ready to shoot brrrah

Y'all ready to fight stupid

Pull up ready to kill yeah

Y'all ready to die

Straight up

Broke-ass n***a get killed ridin' a bike p***y

Savage left his gun at home

N***a yeah right ha