I'm Leanin

Ace Hood, Bun B, Jeezy, DJ Khaled2012年9月2日

I'm Leanin - Ace Hood/Bun B/Jeezy/DJ Khaled

OK now purple stuff in my styrofoam

Sippin' slow while they blowin' strong

All I need is my dirty sprite

All I need is her super dome

Drapped up & I'm dripped out

K-dup and my pistol out

Bad b**ch she thick as f**k

And I'm tryna see what that p**sy 'bout

Bust it open for a real ni**a

Bust it open for a trill ni**a

Touchdown What up H-Town

Lonley the Pimp this ones for you

Bun B my ni**a Thrae The Truth

Still in the Coupe when I'm double deuce

Still in the Hood on that purple food

You better know what I'm sippin' ain't grape juice

I be floatin through the city let my chain swang

Hoy you living young ni**a Tryna maintain

Get money F**k lames

All my lil niggas on the same page

Spittin' racks when I'm up in nema's

Gimme head she gon' catch the semen

Hatin' on me Ni**a so what

Know what (Pour up)

Double Cup & I'm winnin' (I said it)

F-F**k them niggas I'm in it

Double Cup & I'm winnin' (pour up)

F-F**k them niggas I'm in it

Gangsta ni**a I'm 'bout it

I'm Trill as f**k so don't doubt it

Tell me whats the happs

Cuz you know I'm strapped

A ni**a never leave home with out it

I'm posted up in that Cadi

I'm twisting up a big fatty

And it's full of Dro and Imma mack your hoe

And you know she callin' me daddy

I'm a Trill OG and I earned it

That G-Code ni**a I learned it

So when I saw the dough they had for me bro

I just grabbed the knob and I turned it

I wanted bread so I chased it

And I got so close I could taste it

Then I played the deck and got my respect

So ni**a I'm the King now just face it

I'm in the house and I'm chillin'

My mind on cash and I'm willin'

I'm on a paper chase with no time to waste

So I give a f**k how you feelin'

I'm sideways on that buck

My setas is stitched and they tucked

You ain't down with that

Then Imma hide your hat

And your a** would be outta luck wassup

Double Cup & I'm winnin' (yuh) (hold up)

F-F**k them niggas I'm in it

Double Cup & I'm winnin' (already)

F-F**k them niggas I'm in it

Sh*t Well it's that young ni**a

From the South Side of the U S A

I need calimine l-lotion cuz

A ni**a music bumpin'

A ni**a came from nothin to sayin nevermind

To the pretty girls in the magazines

Yo girlfriend look like Maxime

My phonebook full of Billy Jean's

Condoms made out them limousine's

I been a fiend for that codeine

Since Martin Luther was like 13

F-f**k then Queenz cuz I'm a King

Put 5% on everything


I done threw 10 on top of 10

Bumper kit on bumper kit

Threw my last b**ch on my new b**ch

Then threw 10 on my f**kin git

I done came down

Hold it down for that H-town

I'mma take the crown

Sippin' Hen don't f**k with crying

But I'mma just drop this 4 for 9

And free my cousin thats doing time

I'mma pay the lawyer but I hope you down

To hold it down for a real ni**a

Young Kirko a young Trill ni**a