A Voice In The Dark

Elvis Costello2010年1月1日


A Voice In The Dark - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)

Written by:Elvis Costello

You can read right through a book of matches


But that won't make you smart


You can laugh in the face of watches


But time will only break your heart


Kings reign beneath umbrellas


Hide pennies down in cellars


And money pours down and yet


Not everyone gets soaking wet


When bores and bullies conspire


To stamp out your spark


Listen for a voice in the dark


Not a moment too soon as we blue the moon


And a wolf begins to howl in tune


I announced for all mankind a boon


Stand aside you big baboon


Now I'm the a prize invention girl

You're the image of yourself


Forget your cares

Your disapproving stares


I'm not here to try to jump your borders


Just ask your nieces and daughters

I'm flat as sole I'm happy as a clam


But you don't know the kind of man I am


Little fish swimming in a jealous shoal


Now my net is overflowing


And I suddenly seem to be all seeing and all knowing


I've got something right there

You might want to hear


I have no fear lend a hand lend an ear


If your rent money is in arrears


We'll be striking up a symphony bandstand


Long of hair and loose of tooth


There'll be pirouettes and startling handstands


And who but acrobats know how to tell the truth


When all is said that then redundant


They gallivant in peg leg pants


I'll be your servant

You'll be my pal


And I'll be faithful you know I shall


There's no fool like an old fool


Who blames it all upon his youth


When times are tough and you find you're down


Without a star to wish upon


Listen for a voice in the dark


I was striking through a box of matches


Hoping that one would spark


I heard somebody calling to me


A voice in the dark


The sound both wild and gentle


Daring and confidential


I thought there was music playing


But it was all and only talk


When liars and bullies conspire to stamp out your spark


Fill up that empty space in your heart


Listen up when the herald says hark


Believe in a voice in the dark