Only A Miracle (Album Version)

Kenny Loggins2014年7月17日


Only A Miracle - Kenny Loggins


I've always said


That I believe anything can happen


Lately I've been wonderin'


If that's really true


For a boy time can be a lovely dance


Then suddenly the music can fade


Leave the man alone and dreamless


Till he only sees


That he's used up all his chances after all


'Til now only a miracle could do


To save the man I've turned into


Won't somebody let me know


Where's my miracle


Love it always seemed so easy


Just like a child who plays

With imaginary friends


I could see the face of someone I believe


But only in the words of a song


Then she came along and got me dreamin'


That's when you began


And when I held you


I held a miracle in my hands


'Til now only a miracle could do


I've found the boy I was in you


You've come to let me know


There are miracles


And now only a miracle could do


What I have finally found in you


I've come to let you know I believe that


Miracles can happen in the end