Mr. Santa

Christmas Songs Music2015年12月25日


Mr. Santa - Deja Vu (似曾相識)


Mister Santa


Bring me some toys


Bring Merry Christmas

To all girls and boys


And every night


I'll go to sleep singing


And dream about

The presents you'll be bringing




Promise me please


Give every reindeer


A hug and a squeeze


I'll be good


As good can be


Mister Santa


Don't forget me


Mister Santa


Dear old Saint Nick


Be awful careful


And please don't get sick


Put on your coat


When breezes are blowin'


And when you cross the street

Look where you're goin'



I love you so


I hope you never get lost in the snow


Take your time when you unpack


Mister Santa don't hurt your back


Mister Santa


I've been so good


I've done the dishes


And done what I should


Made up the beds


And scrubbed up my toesies

I've used a hanky

When I blow my nosey


Mister Santa look at these ears


They're clean as whistles

And sharper than shears


Now I've put you on the spot

Mister Santa bring me a lot


Mister Santa bring me

Please please please

Mister Santa don't forget me