J.S. Bach: Sweetest Love

Katherine Jenkins2004年1月1日

Sweetest Love - Katherine Jenkins

Sweetest love, I do not go,


for wearinesse of there,


nor in hope the world can show


A fitter Love for me


Sweetest love, oh Sweetest love


O how feeble is mans power


fhat if good fortune fall,


cannot adde another houre,


Nor a lost houre recall!


Nor a lost Nor a lost recall!


When thou sigh'st,

thou sigh'st not winde,


But sigh'st my soule away,

When thou weep'st,

My lifes blood doth decay.


Let not thy divining heart


Forethinke me any ill,


Destiny may must take thy part,


And may thy feares fulfill;


And may thy feares fulfill;


That thou lov'st me

as thou say'st,


If in thine my life thou waste,

Thou art the best of me