Low Desert



Low Desert (LP版) - R.E.M.

It happened fast it's over quick


A little dust and the engine kicks


Did your hands drift down off the wheel


A road owl hit your windshield


An eyelash or a little bit of sleep time stands still


Just call it now and you're on your way hey hey hey hey


All the ashtrays cities and the freeway drives


Broken casino and water slide


Eighteen wheeler payback dice


Gravity pulls on the power line


Jet stream cuts the desert sky


This is a land could eat a man alive


Say you'd leave it all behind hey hey hey hey


There's a radio tower that's egging me on


Back to the place where you never belong


Where people thrive on their own contempt


Whatever meaning is long gone spent


If you had to guess or make bet


Would you place yourself inside of it


The mountains yawn the clouds let out a sigh


Tricked again let go okay hey hey hey hey hey hey hey