Ascension Day

Elvis Costello2006年7月2日


Ascension Day (耶穌升天節) - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)

Not a soul was stirring

Not a bird was singing at least not within my hearing

I was five minutes past caring

Standing in the road just staring

Thought I heard somebody pleading

I thought I heard someone apologise

Some fell down weeping

Others shook their fists up at the skies

And those who were left

Seemed to be wearing disguises

Now there's a queen in waiting

Not enough loving and too much hating

For the prince hidden within her man

Always seems to be hesitating

He said "Let her go let her go God bless her"

"She hasn't been gone long enough for me to miss her"

"Except every minute of every hour of

Every day when I wish I could possess her"

40 days passed by

40 alibis


So carry on that way

And in time you'll pay

But we'll all be together

Come Ascension Day


Not a hound was howling

Or whimpering or prowling

Now the wind had departed

Not a leaf was hanging on the tree like when it started

But I know they will return

Like they've never gone away

Come Ascension Day