Bang Me Box

Miley Cyrus2015年8月30日


Bang Me Box (撞擊我的盒子) - Miley Cyrus (麥莉·賽勒斯)

I sleep with the door open

If you want to come in while I'm sleeping


I'm always sleeping naked

Cause I wake up and you're creeping


Want to lick it so much


That it's almost like I taste it on the tip of my tongue

I want to touch it so bad

That it's almost like I can feel it on my fingertips

I want yours inside of me

But don't forget where I like licking baby


I want to make your fantasies realities

I want to be yours baby


I want you to bang my box


I want you to bang my box


There ain't nothing I'm scared to try


I can be on top or if you like it I can just lie here

Take my picture position my body

Wherever you like just know I like it naughty

Teach me a lesson pretend we never met


But we can't keep just kissing

Cause you're getting me so wet


The only downside to this morning

Is you getting up and you leaving


When I'm dreaming and you're in 'em

I wake myself up cause I'm screaming


What are you doing me


It's like you're a zookeeper setting animals free

You release me like a tiger that's been locked in a cage


Here I am


Here you are


I want it so hard


You finger my heart

I know just what I need


What I came here to do


I've been thinking baby


Been mostly about you


I want you to bang my box


I want you to bang my box


You say it's taste like cake with my lips against your face

I want you to eat it baby