Be-Bop Santa Claus

Christmas Songs Music2015年12月14日

Be-Bop Santa Claus - Christmas Songs Music

Written by:Babs Gonzales

'Twas the black before Christmas


And all through the dorm

The scene was deserted

But for old Pops and mom


There they sat hung in their big easy chair


Goofed on eggnog sherry and beer


Sis and Little Junior lie snoozing in bed

While visions of Cadillacs danced in their heads

Moms jumped up and said Pops let's quit it to bed

We can't let Santa dig us with our eyes all red


Then out on the stoop oowee

Such a clatter


Pops split to the porthole to see what was the matter

His heart did the jumps and he fell straight back

When his glimmers fell on a red Cadillac


Stashed in front was a cat cool as any

With a red beaver hat and a red cashmere benny


His ground pads was suede shoes

And his red tweed vine cost heavy dues


He wore a redonred shirt and a white mink tie


Some crazyrimmed glasses that covered one eye


Old Pop's peepers grew large round and white


As he dug this crazy vista on Christmas Eve night

The cat leaped from his short and laid down his sack

He began wailing like mad the cool Applejack


Then up to the rooftops the Cadillac flew

And the Cat In Red followed on through

Pops was wigged behind this crazy scene and before he was straight

Down came the cat right through the chimney grate


A bag of jive he had on his back

As he stood digging Pops who was blowing his stack


His eyeballs were hid by some coalblack shades


When Pops dug this action he knew this cat was made


A kingsized cigarette hung from his chops


As he eased up close and sounded on Pops


I'm the BeBop Santa from the cool North Pole

And I've been down since the days of old

I'm known all over from here to eternity

And a stud's mighty square if he don't dig me

So cast thy peepers into my righteous bag and see

What insane object I shall lay on thee


Here's a record by Diz cut when he was two


A real boss arrangement of




For Moms a mink outfit Chanel No 5

And for you little kiddies my new book on jive


So that's it Pops

Santa did shout


Then he buttoned his cashmere and quickly cut out


Poor Pops was wiggin' and he was out of his head

To dig this wild character who wore all red


He ran to the table to cop him a drink

To quiet his nerves and to help him to think


Just then from below he heard a voice shout


Have a crazy cool Christmas but don't get knocked out