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The Christmas Tree

Bobby Vinton2014年7月21日


The Christmas Tree - Bobby Vinton (鮑比·温頓)

Written by:R. Goodwin

There once was a tree a beautiful tree

That grew in fairy land

In winter time the wind would blow

Over the land of ice and snow

Bringing the sound of the laughter of children

Bringing the sounds of joy

Telling the tree of the wonder of Christmas


For every girl and boy

Oh how he wished they could come and see

Just what a beautiful tree was he

Oh how he wished that he were a Christmas tree


One starry night his branches so bright

Were glistening in the snow

And as he stood so silently

Wishing he were a Christmas tree

Softly there came from the forest around him

Magic and jingling bells

Nearer and nearer they seemed to surround him

Weaving their magic spells

Oh how he quivered with fright because

There right beside him was Santa Claus

Asking him if he'd be his Christmas tree


Now in his fancy dress he's the best

Of all the Christmas trees

Playing with gifts and bon-bons too

Gay fairy lights of every hue

He stands and waits for the children to see him

Dressed in his party bells

Oh what a thrill when they see all the tinsel

Round Mr. Robin's nest

And as he raises his arms so green

Santa agrees with the fairy queen

He is a very beautiful Christmas tree


He is a very beautiful Christmas tree