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One To One

Carole King2007年10月16日 10 首歌
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One to One was Carole's first album for Atlantic in 1982. It found Carole King in non-experimental mode. Past albums had explored country (Touch the Sky), Rhythm and Blues (Fantasy), and nostalgia (Pearls). But One to One was straight-up, no-frills singer or songwriter fare, close in spirit to Tapestry but without that album's iconic status. The production has the easy, unchallenging mid-'70s feel of Simple Things, and the personnel supporting King here is largely the same. The title track is collaboration with Cynthia Weill,it's a catchy, candyfloss concoction, and something you imagine two songwriters of such stature could well have written in their sleep. King's lyrics have never been the most celebrated part of her writing, and she's not trying to reinvent herself here, either. But anyone won over by King's Capitol recordings (most of which failed commercially) will certainly enjoy the typically warm hearted, altruistic fare presented here, particularly "Little Prince," "Golden Man," and the toe-tapping, Brill Building throwback "Read Between the Lines."