Jardin Azul: Las Canciones Favoritas

Linda Ronstadt2013年4月26日 20 首歌
有關 Jardin Azul: Las Canciones Favoritas
Ay que lindas son estas canciones. How wonderful to hear Linda Ronstadt tapping into the roots of her Mexican father. How joyful to hear the melodious notes of "Charreada" from this soulful diva. You feel transported to another time and place with these wonderful boleros, mariachi and ballads. "Cuando Me Querias Tu" is filled with haunting restraint and expression, and the devestating, achingly beautiful "Siempre Hace Frio" which has been covered by many different artists, is especially stirring here. Another tune worth noting is "Piel Canala." I found myself doing a modified rumba at the Borders listening station. This really makes you think of classic 1950s romantic music from Mexico. Enjoy this. Ay, it will truly break your heart.