P.O.D.的專輯Satellite (U.S. Version) [WEA Distribution]

Satellite (U.S. Version) [WEA Distribution]

P.O.D.2009年3月1日 15 首歌

Satellite (U.S. Version) [WEA Distribution]

The multi-hyphenated (rap-metal-hip-hop-reggae) foursome P.O.D. enjoyed indie success as a popular Christian metal band before their 1999 major-label debut, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, sold platinum, establishing P.O.D. as a secular sensation. Featuring the soaring single "Alive," the San Diego quartet's sophomore effort, Satellite, is even more a part of the nu-metal mainstream than its predecessor. Throughout, front man Sonny is more rapper than singer, especially on rhythmically forward, Rage Against the Machine-like songs such as "Boom," "Masterpiece Conspiracy," and the melodic yet mosh-worthy "The Messenjah." With positive, spiritual, and personal lyrics (several songs, including the title track, were influenced by the death of Sonny's mother), Satellite runs the gamut from lilting to intensely aggro, often within one song. In a nod to P.O.D.'s influences, special guests include Jamaican icon Eek-A-Mouse on "Ridiculous" and Bad Brains legend HR on "Without Jah, Nothin'." This cool reggae, meshed with offbeat punk power, is placed alongside mellower midtempo rockers, including "Ghetto," to round out a varied and stellar album.
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