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Love Songs

Vanessa Williams2003年1月1日 12 首歌
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The 2004 Love Songs collection, isn't actually a collection of Vanessa's greatest love songs, like I originally thought of. Still, the album does contain a trio of songs that were unreleased to the U.S. public. The songs definitely bring out something very well made from Vanessa Williams and her voice. From the newly just released songs, Alfie, the seductive Easy Listening track April Fools, and the R&B inspired track Love Like This. There are also so many other good songs added to the mix, including the #1 song, Save The Best For Last, and Dreamin' as well. The downside is that a vast number of songs are missing from this record that could've been used, including Love Is with Brian McKnight, The Sweetest Days, My Flame, and a handful of other songs should've been added here as well. Still, there isn't a whole vast number of people out there who wants to hear Vanessa Williams in this ageism, cold-hearted, and manufactured music industry.