Born To Reign

Will Smith2002年6月24日 14 首歌
有關 Born To Reign
Even though his last CD, Willennium, failed to sell as well as 1997's Big Willie Style, Smith's G-rated ladies (and family) man persona is infectious, even when he's coasting a bit on his well-earned rep. Such is the case on this exuberant but somewhat pedestrian CD. Smith gives it his all on cuts like the hip-shaking "Block Party" and the jittery "Gotta Go Home," but the slickly produced tales of good times and wicked women are way too familiar. Luckily, Smith stretches a bit with the heavy dose of R&B delivered by his vocal protégé Tra-Knox and on the rock-injected single (and promo tool for the film Men in Black II) "Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)." The stinging guitars give Smith an excuse to strut, and the ensuing bravado gives him an edge he often lacks.