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Loso Boat (Explicit)

Loso Loaded, Lil Yachty23 Ogs 2016

Lirik Loso Boat (Explicit)

Janga-lang, janga-lang, janga-lang, jang

Wipe off his name if he talk 'bout my gang

Ice on my neck cause a wreck when it bling

****** up the scene

Chopper sing if you switch up

Knock him out quick in the split of a hiccup

Loso my ****** he stay with the stick up

Stay where you from if you been throw your clique up

Don't talk 'bout cash if you don't got your check up

******s hate Boat cause they know that I'm next up




If I want it I'ma buy it

Valet that coupe when I ride

Got this lil ******* on the side

She got that slip and that slide

Me and Yachty get it straight off the boat

Hunnid' round, gun him down with the scope

I got bread, get that *******t by the loaf

Thirty clip extended I let it blow

Bro let it go used to post at the store

Used to pour ace in my twos

Now I chill with these jews and count up my guap

Diamonds same size as a rock

Bro keep the Glock

And it come straight at yo' top

Stop thinking what you thought, ******* ******

Eighteen years old count seven figures

Make the ******* sing just like Trigga

I got cash on demand

Make a ******* ****** jump out the Sprinter van

Blow this money like a fan

******' with Loaded my ******s are Taliban

Got the Rollie with the charms

****** around and put twenty thou' on my other arm

RIP to my mom

****** around and give twenty thousand to my other mom

Loso Loaded ******

Lil Boat

I'm fully loaded ******


Gettin' this *******t off the boat

Yeah, Loso, Lil Boat

Just ****** a *******

****** that ******* and her friend

Gave her a bean, she lost her jeans

Everything ain't what it seems

******s be faking

******s be food just like bacon

I stick to myself now days

I learned I had to go my own ways

Young ****** I be rich for days

Boat Madden man I stay making plays


******s some *******