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Nobody But You

Sure Sure30 Sep 2022

Lirik Nobody But You

Nobody But You - Sure Sure

Lyrics by:Christopher Beachy/Kevin Farzad/Charles Glick

Composed by:Christopher Beachy/Kevin Farzad/Charles Glick


Whether it's the morning or the night


Whether it's November or July ah


Whether it's a dream or it's the truth


Whether there's a party or nothing to do


There's nobody but you


Even if the world has to end


Even if we're born again and again


Even if I'm broken in two


Even if I've lost all I can lose


There's nobody but you


Oh na na na na

Na na na da da da


Na na na na

Na na da da da da




Na na na na na na na


Na na na na na na na



There's nobody but you


After I have emptied my heart


After they have taken me apart


After I've finished my tune


And I disappear into the blue



There's nobody but you