3rd Eye

Prince17 Aug 2018

3rd eye - Prince (王子)

Written by:Prince Rogers Nelson


Using a special code he accessed his mind


In search of the reason why


In passion and fashion he began traveling time


3rd eye third eye third eye


The serpent approves


Then appears between adam's thighs


And he tries to release upon eve the nectar


The injector tries


He tries he tries he tries


So abduction complete


All stand on their feet


Look at one another and cry


What have we done


Could this be the fun


On the dotted line for which I did sign


I resign from the notion


Because yours was the potion


That I'm supposed to die for


I resign


In self pity so dark

This shitty and stark


Realization is all that will soothe


Ultimately the only one


That can save you is you


Your god is inside and for that god you will do


Whatever it takes


If nothing else is true


The only one that can save you is you yeah




***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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