Card Cracker (Skit)

Vic Mensa28 Jul 2017

Card Cracker (纸牌解密高手) (Skit) - Vic Mensa

Written by:Keith Cozart/Tyree Pittman/Victor Mensah/Edward Davis/Deon Cole


What up folk

Maintainin' god


Damn your a** been flexin' hard as hell

Shorty you got the range you ain't got no job

Listen here ni**a don't say sh*t

Aight that ni**a Vic left his Amex


Mothaf**kas cracked his card

Yeah what y'all get

What didn't we get

Playstation 4


Smart TVs

Dumb TVs ATVs

Air force 1s 2s 3s 4s

And them ain't even out yet

10 pairs of Gucci flip flops

A Gucci stroller

A Moncler for D block's dog

Bought a chain from his jeweler

Studio time a young chop beat

A backwoods forever Robin jeans

Some jeans from a Robin bunch of birds

Parrots parakeets

Gluten free Harold's

10 gallons of mild sauce

A hundred long fashion shirts

And the crazy part is

We set it all up to make it look like

That mothaf**ka beep did it


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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