Listen to (Our Own) Jole Blon (Album Version) song with lyrics from Roy Acuff

(Our Own) Jole Blon (Album Version)

Roy Acuff13 Oct 1992

(Our Own) Jole Blon (Album Version) Lyrics

(Our Own) Jole Blon - Roy Acuff

Jole Blon Delta flower you're my darling you're my sunshine

You konw I love you darling forever I love you

And i promise I'll always be true


Oh ho ho ah ha ha


In the evening in the shadows


I'll be waiting in Louisinna

And when I hear your sweet voice I'll rejoice I'm so happy

I'm saving my kisses for you


Jole Blon Cajun angel let me tell you I love you


In the springtime you promised that we would be married

And I'm waiting still waiting for you


Oh ho ho ah ha ha


When your hair turns to silver I'll still call you Delta flower

Pretty Blond I still love you I love you I promise

And I'm patiently waiting for you



Oh ho ho ah ha ha