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You Are Love

Howard Keel12 Jul 2010

You Are Love Lyrics

You Are Love (赛米:爱你) - Howard Keel

Once a wand'ring ne'er do well


Just a vagrant roving fellow


I went my way


Life was just a joke to tell


Like a lonely Punchinello


My role was gay


But I knew the joke was aimless


Time went on

I liked the game less


For you see


Somewhere lurked


A spark divine and

I kept wond'ring whether mine


Would come to me


Then my fortune turned

And I found you;


Here you are with

My arms around you


You will never know

What you've meant to me


You're the prize

That heaven has sent to me


Here's a bright

And beautiful world all new


Wrapped up in you


You are love


Here in my arms


Where you belong


And here you will stay


I'll not let you away


I want day after day with you


You are spring


Bud of romance unfurled


You taught me to see


One truth forever true


You are love


Wonder of all the world


Where you go with me



Heaven will always be