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Play My Music

Jonas Brothers31 Dec 2007

Play My Music Lyrics

Turn up that radio

As loud as it can go

Wanna dance until my feet can't feel the ground

Say goodbye to all my fears

One good song they disappear

And nothin' in the world can bring me down

Hand clappin'

Hip shakin'

Heart breakin'

There's no fakin'

What you feel

When you're riding home yeah

Music's in my soul

I can hear it everyday and every night

It's the one thing on my mind

Music's got control

And i'm never letting go no no

I just wanna play my music

Got my six string on my back

Don't need anything but that

Everythin' i want is here with me

So forget that fancy car

I don't need to go that far

What's driving me is following my dreams yeah

Earth shakin'

When you're on a roll yeah

Can't imagine what it'd be like

Without the sound of all my heroes

Singin' all my favorite songs

So i can sing along


I just wanna play my music all night long