Listen to Reflections (Love Tempo) song with lyrics from Evelyn Thomas

Reflections (Love Tempo)

Evelyn Thomas14 Feb 1987

Reflections (Love Tempo) Lyrics

Reflections (Love Tempo) - Evelyn Thomas

Through the mirror of my mind


Time after time


I see reflections of you and me


Reflections of


The way life used to be


Reflections of

The love you took from me


Oh I'm all alone now


No love to shield me


Trapped in a world


That's a distorted reality


Happiness you took from me


And left me alone


With only memories


Through the mirror of my mind


Through these tears that I'm crying


Reflects a hurt I can't control


'Cause although you're gone


I keep holding on


To the happy times


Oh when you were mine


As I peer through the window


Of lost time


Looking over my yesterdays


And all the love I gave all in vain


(All the love) All the love

That I've wasted


(All the tears) All the tears

That I've tasted


All in vain




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