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I'm The Man

Gang Starr13 Jul 1999

I'm The Man Lyrics

I say people people come on and check it out now

You see the mic in my hand now watch me wreck it now

What is a party if the crew ain't there

(what's your name)call me Guru that's my man Premier

Now many attempts have been made to hold us back

Slander the name and with-hold facts

But I'm the type of brother with much more game

I got a sure aim and if i find you're to blame

You can bet you'll be exterminated taken out done

It doesn't matter how many they'll go as easy as just one

Bust one round in the air for this here

Cuz this year suckers are going no where

Cuz my strret style and intelligence level

Makes me much more than just an angry rebel

I'm Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

Mc's that ain't equipped get flipped in my circle

I'm aiming on raining on the b**ch a** chumps

Cuz their rhymes don't flow and their beats don't pump

And niggaz better know i paid my dues and sh*t

I'm bout to blow the f**k up because I refuse to quit

I'm out to get the props that are rightfullly mine

Yeah me and the crew think its about that time

But on the DL you know that Gangstarr will conquer

That's why you stare and point and others cling on to

My nautica asking for a hookup

Well sorry but my schedule is all booked up

Nobody put me on I made it up the hard way

Look out for my people but the suckers should parlay

Cuz it's business kid this ain't no free for all

You have to wait your turn you must await your call

So now now it is my duty to

Eliminate and subtract all of the booty crews

And suckers should vacate

Before I get irate

And I'll kick your can

From here to Japan

With force you can't withstand

Cuz I'm the muthaf**kin' man

Yo right now I got my man Lil' Dap from the Group home

Yo step up to the mic and tell them why you're the man

So much anger built inside

So don't stop to say hi muthaf**ka just die

My sh*t holds a mouthful so i guess you know what's up

Why punks get killed at the end of the month

Styles and styles I flip

Lil' Dap remains sick

Yes the Group Home is thick

So all you punks hear this

Everytime you riff

The more fame that we get

Muthaf**kas act hard

Thinking that they are God

Niggaz just don't understand

Let me be my own man

Did everything on my own

And everyplace wasn't home

Everywhere that I'd rest

I had to dress with a vest

I guess you get the routine but with a lot of stress

Frustration on my mind

Brothers doin' mad time

Rhymes are organized like crime

As we're rippin' the lines

Brothers just don't know

How sh*t got to go

Cuz I was told

To never give my back to the street

As I walk through the ghetto

Dead souls I greet

See my man give him pound

Then I walk with a frown

Another minute

Another brother's gunned down

Sh*t is getting too close that's why the Group Home is thick

So everytime you riff the more fame that we get

My father always said don't watch the one across the street

Watch the one right next

B'cuz he's easy to flex

Took heed to what he said

Yeah that deep a** ni**a

While brothers hang around

Tryin' to get down

Niggaz just don't understand

I'm the mutha f**kin' man

And also on the set from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

We got my man Jeru the Damaja

Yo tell them why you're the man

I'll tap your jaw

You probably heard it before

Step to the bedlamite I'll prove my word is law

Drugstore with more

D**e rhyme vendor

Hot partial to beef

The chief ambassador

Niggaz get mad cuz they can't score

Like a wild west flick they wish to shoot up my door

But I incite a riot

Don't even try it

Bust up chumps so crab kids keep quiet

Like I said before

I tap jaws

Snatch whores

Kill suckers in wars

Vic a style you said was yours

Money grip wanna flip but you're fish

House the mic like your hooker and did tricks on the b**ch

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel and my name is Jeru

Utilizing my tools in 'ninety two

MC's step up in mobs to defeat us

When we rock knots and got props like Norm Peterson

Lot's of friends lot's of fun lots of beers

Got the skills kreeno so I always get cheers

Troop on like a trooper no tears for fears

I'm a get mines cuz the crew'll get theirs

Cut you up like Edward Scissorhands

You know the program I'm the mutha f**kin' man




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