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Super Friend

Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin22 Mar 2017

Super Friend Lyrics

Super Friend (超级朋友) - Melissa Benoist/Grant Gustin

At times like these


When life is gettin' me down


And the world seems like it's gonna end ship


There's at least one power

That we both still have


And that's the power of friendship


Yeah this is exactly what I gonna to say

Yeah it's easy rhyme


I'm your super friend


Your super friend


I'll be there in the lack of time

If you are ever in a spot


And if you are not there in time

You can just go back in time

And give it another shot

I'm actually doesn't suppose to do that anymore

Oh okay



I'm your super friend


Super friend


When you need a compliment

I can write a lot of dozen


For instance I have to say

I'm not impressed by your more famous cousin


Thank you nobody ever says that

He is always like oh I'm superman


That's a really good impression



I'm your super friend


Super friend


When it comes to buddies pal you're the best

I love you more than a lightning bolt I wear on my chest

If you are ever sad I'll bring you flowers


You can list soprano as one of your powers

Hey if you are ever broke

I've got the cash

On my couch


You're welcome to crash

And if you're ever need a hand

I'll be there in a flash


It was funny


I'm your super friend


I'm your super friend



I'm your super that has a double meaning friend

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dit is koel


best frends


dit is koel

Nadia Jordaan
Nadia Jordaan

Love it