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Machine Gun Kelly21 Sep 2018

NYLON Lyrics

NYLON (Clean) - Machine Gun Kelly

So you right

Yeah Gunner

Ayy ready to die

But I can't I'm too alive

Should've killed me when they tried

Couldn't see me in the skies

When you camouflaged eating pad thai hahaha

I don't get regular high nah

I ain't no regular guy no

I think I want the entire planet

You can keep the American Pie hey

And you know I never lie

I kept the same number ahah

So when you call me what

I pick up and say "f**k you" d**n

And I say it to your face b***h

You can run and tell it to the clique clique

Two nines in the waist ayy

My gun and my dick

Watch I put it in reverse

Put that P***y in a hearse

Watch me murder with a verse

Put these rappers in the dirt

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who the realest of 'em all who

You already know the answer

Top Gun f**k 'em all ayy

Y'all got ulterior motives motives

My interior designer put them cameras all around

So let me find out you creeping

I come and split your s**t like Moses

My exterior is frozen

I'm from Cleveland we the coldest

So it's no coincidence that

When you try to take a pic

It's too much ice for you to focus ugh

Riding shotty 'cause I got to roll this d**e

It's a fast road skrrt

Get off me

She got body she look like a centerfold

And her ass swole she got it she got it ayy yeah

Feel like Gotti how I pull up on your block smoking Castro skrrt

Ayy never hesitate to say it to your face I'm a asshole ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy

Riding shotty 'cause I got to roll this d**e it's a fast road skrrt


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