Listen to Bedroom (Interlude) song with lyrics from Donnie Klang

Bedroom (Interlude)

Donnie Klang2 Sep 2008

Bedroom (Interlude) Lyrics

Bedroom (卧室) (Interlude) - Donnie Klang



Hello who's this


Is this donnie

Yeah who's this


Ha ha u remember me this is caramel

Yo hold on one second seven this is the girl from last night

That I told you about the one that ask me to spank it


Hello I'm sorry


Ha ha ha what's going on how are you

I'm saying um can I see you tonight

Tonight I mean yeah you wanna come over

Can I come over right now

Right now I got some of my boys here but

Who's over there with you

These are my boys seven dareala jay renz you know

So I mean are they gonna stay there or

Shhh don't worry about it I know


Where we can go I'ma take you to my bedroom