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I Got Gold

Willy Mason10 Dec 2007

I Got Gold Lyrics

I Got Gold (Live At Austin City Limits Music Festival 2007) - Willy Mason

I haven't got a pick up truck

To take me into town


I don't have the ways and means

Tolay my money down

Lay it down


But I got gold underneath the ground


Rise me up before the sun lays the bad boys down


I'll go out into the yardkick my feet around

I'll kick em around


Cause I got gold underneath the ground


Bill collectors ring my phone

Keep me on the run


But they don't know the ways I've got

The ways of having fun

I have fun


I've got gold underneath the ground


Do a jig above the twigs spend yourself around


Dig down over all the sang that's were all they found

All they found



Spending gold underneath the ground