Listen to My Baby Does Me song with lyrics from Ivy Queen

My Baby Does Me

Ivy Queen22 May 1989

My Baby Does Me Lyrics

My Baby Does Me - Queen

Turn it up a bit please

My baby

Baby does

My baby does me good

My baby does

My baby does me

My baby does me good

My lady


Understands me right

She understands me

She understands me

Understands me right


My baby cares

She really cares

She knows what's really right for me

Does me good then she hurts me so

She winds me up then let's me go

Turns me on and then tells me no

She's just a p***y cat

My baby loves me

My baby loves me ooh

My baby cuffs me ooh

One day she'll tells me that she cares

Another day she tells me she don't love me

She really really does me

Ooh people do you believe this do you

Oo ooh ah

Ooh ooh ooh

Ooh she really really really

Really really really aah

Oh does me hey


***Lyrics are from third-parties***