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Tuffest Man Alive

N.W.A., The D.O.C.14 Feb 1987

Tuffest Man Alive Lyrics



Tuffest Man Alive (Explicit) - N.W.A./The D.O.C.

This ain't no basic hip-pop

You make in a bin in your garage

I'm down for showing all you hoes

Who the hell's in charge

A cold lethal rap warrior

I'm on the attack

Cutting ducks no slack

So keep your b**ch a** back

Deadly, yeah, kicking it

The solo style

On top of the pile

The reigning chump worthwile

Hanging tough I'm the leader

Ain't no need to pretend

Like an elevator up

I mean I'm on the ascend

I ain't no east coast rapper

This is a southerner's song

Be warned

It's hard to try and hold a project born

Saying sh*t that you like

Never wearing no Nike

F**king it up

And all I need is my goddamn mic

And a micstand


I don't need no band to play

With a dj like Rock

And a partner like K in effect y'all

F**king suckers up like five

It's Fila Fresh

And I'm the toughest man alive!



Yo, yo ni**a you know

You can't even f**k with this

Do it, do it


Yo, fool

You know you need to jet the f**k off

Get the f**k out my face

Down from the beginning

Hitting hard I'll admit

They keep offering me money

And I keep taking the sh*t

And coolin' cool at the crib

'Cause being cool's how I live

But bucking up will get you rocked

If you're a b******t kid

I like it

Stylistic come on let's get with it

Coming up with fresh new rhymes

Like I'm a mystic


You see the D. O. C.

And all the Fila I be splurging

Yeah, I know it

You think that I'm encouraging

You to steer wrong boy

So I can go off

A quick run and

When I'm done you bet not cough

I'm an annihilator


Standing a full 63

And I reall don't think you

Wanna f**k with me

But then there's always those


Clocking all your shows

Getting all out of line

Trying to impress they hoes


I know some niggas like that

Round the way who won't quit

"It's the old top" Man shoot that muthaf**king sh*t

I'm physically tough, physically able I qualify

Don't try that gangster b******t here

This an't no I Spy

You better chill out

That's if you wanna survive


It's Fila Fresh and we're the toughest men alive

Yeah, for all you suckers

Who thought t'all was down

That's right, kicking that b******t

Yeah we in effect, that's right


We in effect so get your b**ch a**

Back before you

Be floating up a creek

Know what I'm sayin'?


Float, float on


And if you want your beast to be deaf

Call Dre before Monday!


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