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One Night Affair

Jerry Butler1 Jan 1992

One Night Affair Lyrics

One Night Affair - Jerry Butler

Um hum ooh wee baby ooh hoo listen lady

He'll wine and dine you take you anywhere you wanna go


Oh but when the night is over


Hey you just may not see me no more


All I want is a one night affair that won't hurt nobody

One night affair


Hey I'll hit 'n' run you son of a gun

But I'll hit 'n' run but it could be fun I said


I don't wanna love nobody


Don't wanna take me a while


Girl you just may not be ready


To go steady for the rest of your life


So for that reason a one night affair


It'll be alright a one night affair let's start tonight


Hit 'n' run aha son of a gun

I gonna hit 'n' run yes I mean it yes I mean it

'Cause you see I've been a lonely man


And I want you to understand


That I'll never let you under my skin

'Cause I don't want to be hurt again

Oh no baby

Hit 'n' run

Um hum

Son of a gun

I couldn't stand it baby

Hit 'n' run

No no no no now


A one night affair sounds in a hurry

A one night affair but you don't have to worry

I'll hit and run I'll be a son of a gun

And I know you have been lonely too


That's why you will understand


Why a broken heart is so harder to mend


But one of these day I'll be alright

If you just let me love you tonight

And though it may sound a little temporary


Sometimes baby it's so necessary


A one night affair I declare


One night affair


Hey just hit 'n' run I'll be a son of a gun


Said I'll hit 'n' run yes I will yes I will baby

One night affair won't hurt nobody


A one night affair



Hit 'n' run

Won't you be mine

Son of a gun

For just a little while

(Hit 'n' run)

Hey won't you be mine

Won't you hold me

One night affair


Oh baby