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Dr. Dre21 Aug 2015

Intro Lyrics


Intro (开场曲) - Dr. Dre

Compton was the American dream

Sunny California with a palm tree in the front yard the camper the boat


Temptingly close to the los angel's in the 50s and 60s it became

The black American dream


Open housing paved a way as middle class black flooded into the city


Whites don't buy houses in Compton anymore


Now with 74% of the population black power is the fact of life

From banks to bowling alleys


Once a dream many black thought they've been buying has turned sour

Though the mayor and 4 out of 5 consul men are black

They have been unable to solve the problems of crime and growing welfare

Which is slowing suburban turning Compton into an extension of the black inner city

Crime is now as high as the ghetto

47 homicides last year

Gave Compton one of the highest per capital rates in the country


Juvenal activity muggings and small robberies make some blacks off to leave