Listen to Disconnected (feat. Cautious Clay) song with lyrics from Tayla Parx

Disconnected (feat. Cautious Clay)

Tayla Parx, Cautious Clay5 Apr 2019

Disconnected (feat. Cautious Clay) Lyrics


Disconnected(feat. Cautious Clay) - Tayla Parx/Cautious Clay

Lyrics by:Josh Karpeh/Kameron Glasper/Mike Sabath/Tayla Parx

Ahh I

Sorry I can't hear you baby

Is there a miscommunication

Everything's lost in translation

'Cause I never said it no this is nothing like I was

Now even I got bad reception

Or maybe a bad recollection

Love's the biggest misconception

You never know it ain't the one you wanted after all

Did you say let's date or let's wait wait

Did you say we straight or we ain't

Baby it's like I'm catchin' every other word

And it feels and it feels like I

Disconnected disconnected


I can't call you back oh ooh ooh

Disconnected oh disconnected oh ooh


I can't call you back oh ooh ooh