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You & Me

Brian Hyland14 Feb 1970

You & Me Lyrics

You & Me - Brian Hyland

Written by:Brian Hyland/Del Shannon


When sun comes up in this morning nothing will have change


Except you and me


Come up to the side and touch the world


Still the same

Nothing changed just you and me


Summer spring and fall

You made them all for you

And me and you and me


I've been waiting such a long time


Over a right time


To tell you that I love you yes I really love you

Yeah yeah yeah


I've been loving you such a long time it's the right time


To tell me that you love me

Say you really love me

Yeah yeah yeah


We don't have a lot of money

But we can find way out


And you and me


You don't have to worry baby


All you really need


Just you and me


You and me


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