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Poisonous Thoughts

Czarface, Mr MFN eXquire19 Feb 2013

Poisonous Thoughts Lyrics

Poisonous Thoughts - Czarface/Mr MFN eXquire


INS 7 Eso

Here we go


Birds in the coop murder herbs in my boots

Blue convertible


Heavy head swerve on the juice

Bottom to the top

Pops hot like the bottom of the pot

Top dollar you can spot him at the spot

Flow Murder One

Third world slums heard of son

Overtime grind get it first come

A-Team Hannibal 88th page in the manual

Maintain handle intangibles

You see me push through

Bully at the park


Do it like the crooks do

Hoodie after dark

Spark with the flamer on bang a drum

On til the break of dawn

Take him on like Jason Bourne

Later on poly with a model chick

I ain't into politics 1-6 call me a lobbyist

Know there's no stoppin' this

Years from now homie still rockin' its

Dark knight roaming the metropolis

"Ringside table batman "


"Um just one thanks I'll stand at the bar"

"Poisonous thoughts"


"You're breathing fire"


"I'm breathing fire"


"Comin' out hard"


Through my pugilist struggle

Me and the mic make a beautiful couple

Musically we lift em without moving a muscle

I punching crews like I'm Russell

You wanna tussle with pitbull muzzle


We can reduce you to rubble

You don't want no trouble

I'm Zeus in a goose bubble

Producing a verbal beef

With the Wu and the crew is deep

With a lucrative hustle

Now see I can be a ()

Put you rappers to the drum

Cut your pinky finger off for fronting

That's a rule of thumb

F**k your motherf**king beats


Don't care who they from

Check it out (You good right )

Yeah yeah I'm good listen

I put the "am" in "ammunition"

Cause I am a hammer spittin'

Superman be on a mission

But y'all change in a booth

Yeah my fam-a-lam I'm missin

But I'm handlin my business

Keep the planets on collision

While maintaining the truth

You off course like a lost pilot

You can meet the shepherd

Cause I'm violent like the Lost pilot

No one survived it


No one survived it


Liquor all over my liver I'm still sippin' there

Grab it guzzle it down like I don't give a sh*t

That's how I fight back like

"Life take that"

Right to the heart that's why that sh*t be burning my chest

I invested in all the sh*t they sell you in

You's a little man

The sky's the limit all that other sh*t

Blah blah blah

Get a tad older than it's evident

That you gon' settle in

Whatever job can help you pay the rent

Jimmy Olsen and the Super Friends

That line was doper than a motherf**ker


But you couldn't understand

Metaphoric to my light bright why do I fight

Up down bottle top left in the wrong fight

Czar of the gong show

That's an oxymoron


Don't ever call me crazy motherf**ker


I'm just throwed off

Back to the gong show

I bet you didn't get it

Ha-huh-ha get it niggas is so dritty

If you believe in fate then

That means that life's scripted

Give or take a couple of pages for quick edits

I just rip out them pages

Nothing is ever sacred

I'm searching for an oasis


The end is coming no way to save it