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The Brothel

Lene Thorud2 Sep 2017

The Brothel Lyrics

The Brothel (妓院) - Lene Thorud

Written by:Susanne Sundfør

Purple pavement

Crook fingers knocking on windows without souls

Bodies are swinging from rooftops and poles


Howling through hollows

Restless nights and one night cheap hotels

Oh I'm only drifting to always come back


And I search for something

For whatever I don't really care

Driving with their lights off they can be anywhere


You cover your eyes

You cover your mouth

You cover your ears

Still you follow my trail

I'll do it all I'll do whatever you say

God has left me anyway


There are echoes in the garden is anybody listening


There are echoes lost in the garden is anybody listening

They whisper

The ones who are only living are the ones


Who are only dying