Listen to Big Fat Money song with lyrics from Van Halen

Big Fat Money

Van Halen24 Jan 1995

Big Fat Money Lyrics

Some say money is bad for the soul

Bad for the rock bad for the roll

Bad for the heart bad for the brain

Bad for damn near everything oh yeah

Oh Hey it must be good for somethin'

Come on pay the rent

Telephone telefax telef**kin' teletrash

Tell a cop tell a friend think we hit the stoney end

Nothin' left nothin' right now they want a bigger bite

Everybody wants some everybody wants big money Oh yeah

They want big fat money

That's what I want big fat money

Too much temptation 'nuff to kill a generation

Space station starvation premature ejaculation

This ain't groovy this ain't funky

It's on my back but it ain't my monkey no Oh yeah

Gimme some o' that big big money

That's what I want big fat money Yo

Big big money

Ow Smoke this eat that my old lady's gettin' fat

High rise high rent before it's earned it's all been spent

Where's it gonna come from Who's it gonna go to

I ain't beatin' but I'm bein' eaten by money Oh yeah

Big big money Woo

Now gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

Some o' that big money Oh yeah

That's what I want

Well all right (Big Money) Oh big big money (Big Money)

Now gimme gimme gimme (Big money) some o' that big money (Money) Woo

That's what I want

It's all I need

Gimme big fat money

Yeah I gotta wallet full

Gimme gimme gimme gimme


Grab me some a-that big fat money