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The Science

Murs29 Sep 2008

The Science Lyrics

The Science - Murs

So I'm at the barbershop

And we talking about this new generation of hip-hop

And how how lost you all are man

But y'all have no science

So here you go

The systematic knowledge of the physical world

Gained through observation and experimentation


Usually beginning with a hypothesis

Or what some may call an estimation

Record your results from a series of tests

And what your left with is a theory at best

Now let me give my hypothesis an educated guess

On why my people on the whole seem to be such a mess

Genocide the deliberate extermination of a race

Culture or an entire nation

Centuries ago they brought us here on a boat

Enslaved us beat us til our spirit was broke

Then they gave us freedom and a little bit of hope

Then they killed our leaders and they gave us d**e (crack)

From the C I A by way of Nicaragua

Shipped to Rick Ross he's the black godfather

Now Oscar Blandon was his known supplier

He snitched on Rick so he could retire

Ratted on Ricky so he got out quickly

Now this is where the situation gets a little sticky

Not a citizen of the U S A

He got released and got hired by the D E A

Then he got his green card by the I N S

But that should've never happened due to previous arrests

See our government seems to think that there's a difference

Between powdered coc*ine and crack for instance

You get five years for five grams of crack

But in the powdered form you have a hundred times that

Now who has the rock and who has the powder

Who's the oppressed and who has the power

They want you to fail so you wind up in jail

You know how much they make while you sitti'n in that cell

Billions of dollars for inmate facilities


You sell yourself back into slavery willingly


It's not black and white it's so much more

It's the rich stayin rich and the poor stayin poor

The poor white's meth the poor black's crack

It's not about race and once you realize that

We as a nation are free to move on

And become one people a movement strong


Now black people weren't the first to be enslaved

We were just the first to be treated this way

No education you were killed if you could read

So you hid your intellect if you wanted to succeed


And what happens to a lie when you livin' it

You lose sight of who you are and start forgettin' it

So many of us to this day act ignorant

A mere shadow of our form of magnificence


No independence we become victims dependin' on the system

Looking for a handout waiting on some help

Toiling on the past feeling sorry for your self

But you do what you can to make it out the trap

And that right there is the origin of rap

It wasn't always played on every radio station

It was us makin the best out of a bad situation

Inner city schools stopped teaching us instruments


We took turntables and started flippin' it

Stole electricity from the street lights

Plugged it into a system and made the beat hype

There was a mic but MC's weren't rulin'

It was more 'bout what the DJ was doin'

He say a few words (GO GO) to keep the party movin'

The beat boys dancin' to the breaks and the grooves

An the break was the part where the record broke down

Where it was just a drum and a couple of sounds

You had two records you could go back and forth

To keep the groove goin' cause the break was so short

Now if that ain't' science I don't know what is

The ingenuity of these young black kids

The Bronx New York Central Recita

Who hurt earth hip-hop true believers

(Theory) Adversity produces opportunity

Anythings accomplished through strength and unity

The fate of the world is in the hip-hop commuity

The revolution is here and now with you and me


(Murs is a Scientist)


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