Listen to Bus Talk (Interlude) song with lyrics from Paolo Nutini

Bus Talk (Interlude)

Paolo Nutini11 Apr 2014

Bus Talk (Interlude) Lyrics

Bus Talk - Paolo Nutini

Hey come on in Here sit down make yourself comfortable


I was going to work the other morning


And these two chicks were on the bus

And they were running off their mouths about everybody's business

Yeah you know and all talk talk talk

Well then they were talking about my business so I listened


Your name and my name came up


Yeah they were saying things like


Yeah Marge ain't got a man up tight no more He's been tippin' up town


And Marilyn's gonna take him from her if she don't look out


Who's Marilyn I don't know who she is

You tell me who she is Then I'll know what they're talking about



Give it up give it up give it up give it up