Listen to Can't Walk Away (Album Version) song with lyrics from Tiffany Evans

Can't Walk Away (Album Version)

Tiffany Evans20 Apr 2008

Can't Walk Away (Album Version) Lyrics

Can't Walk Away - Tiffany Evans

(Lyrics by MaxRNB)


Just when I'm saying whatever

Clean slate we're back together

We're just now see boy now I kno better

Oh oh ohh


Then we go losing our temper

I'm outro saying forget u

But I can't keep it moving and let u go

Oh oh ohh



I can't walk away from u

When I say we're through


Don't how u do me the way you do

I wish that I never met u

Cus I can't walk away from u

When I say we're thru

Don't know how I'm so damn in love wit u

I can't walk away from u


How many times did u say sorry

Just to turn around and say u don't want me

Flip it back back and spend a night callin

Oh oh ohh


And I got a be a fool to think ur gettin closer

Everytime we're cool ur tellin me that its over

And ur playin games even thou its old I know

Oh oh ohh

Just when I'm sayin its time to move on

Just when I'm tellin eveybody i'm gone


I gotta check myself


Cus the truth I can't be

Nowhere without u

Its all about u

Can't be wit noone if its not u

Baby what am I gonna do


I can't walk away from u


Wake up and make up

Wake up and break up

Do it all over again



Then we do it all over again