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Marvel Team-Up

Czarface19 Feb 2013

Marvel Team-Up Lyrics

Marvel Team-Up - Czarface

Yo 7L yo Es man y'all niggas ready


I'm back at it man


Mad scientist flow


In the laboratory on some Frankenrhyme sh*t


Bring sh*t to life on 'em

Call me your worst nightmare

Watch the birds take flight

Take life every verse I air

Guaranteed I deliver it hot (like what )

Domino's feet up

Chilin' in your spot vámonos

Meaning leave beat it

You can see that he's heated

And the E-S feel the same

That's why we remain seated

Keep the lab dusty like the day after D-Day

Spiders die of old age here and three stay

Raw like Columbian white

Stay buzzin' hey cousin

They ain't nothin'

All my numbers is right

Red dragon from the dungeon of rap

Dark flames set free truthfully

these emcees are lame

And they should be illegal

Like buckin' at a bald eagle

I've got the ego of Evel Knievel

You weak and feeble

I'm Beanie Sigel if he was one of the Beatles

And possessed the DNA of Magneto

So f**k f**k your people


It's Eddie Brock I'm Peter Parker and

We can rock black until they make something darker

And We back to building inside the Baxter Building

Private location dykes no hibernation

No Michael Myers or Jason

your highness the great one

Took the heads off the livest of brave ones

Lord of the Underground dumbing them out

With a crowd of a hundred thou bow to the sound

The Archangels sing the God's name will ring

Frontliners upon us we're made of king

INS do it to death like the rudest exec

Who's next who's foolish to test

Who's stupid And 'fess

Stand back and Google it yes

If opportunity presents we commin' through to your rest

Beautiful mess tool to your chest

This a Marvel team-up who would've guessed

Ah not you - you don't know

Not you either

(Just a spark though)


(Just a spark though)