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Why Goodbye (Album Version)

Peabo Bryson28 Jul 2008

Why Goodbye (Album Version) Lyrics

Artist:peabo bryson

Songs Title:why goodbye


So are we over now


Do we just turn the page and let the story end


Do we just walk away just like we never met


I know we said some things and now you want to leave


But baby that's no reason to let it good love die


Why goodbye

Why must it be this way


So many words

So many other words that we could say


Why goodbye


After all this time


Can't we try


Why goodbye


Why can't we work it out


Why can't we talk it out a little more this time


Search through the rain and find a ray of hope still shines


We can't just close the door

We're still worth still fighting for


We're come too far together to leave it all behind


Why goodbye



Why must it be this way

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Rose Myweather
Rose Myweather

Favourite 😍