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The Sheriff

Emerson, Lake & Palmer29 Jun 2015

The Sheriff Lyrics

The Sheriff (郡长) - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Written by:Greg Lake/Keith Emerson

Wicked Josie rode away

In the sunset covered sky


A lynching mob had strung his friend up

Right before his eyes


He didn't know what they'd both done

He sure as hell would end up one

Or else a notch on the sheriff's gun

If he didn't move on


Get out of here


The sheriff followed Josie's journey

From Kansas City West


He said he'd put a bullet right

Through poor old Josie's chest


But Josie wasn't like the rest

He don't like bullet holes in his vest

In fact he'd do his very best

Don't want any arrest


Don't want to be the guest of the sheriff


The nights got so d*mned cold

He couldn't stand the pace


He looked again for sheriff's men

But couldn't see a trace


Josie found a nice warm place

But then the sheriff solved the case

Pushed a gun in Josie's face

And said look here


Sheriff rode him into town

With Josie looking sad


He didn't know about the six gun wicked Josie had


Then Josie drew his gun real fast

Gave the sheriff one big blast

And Josie was a song at last

A legend from the past



Nobody ever messed with the sheriff